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  Current    Viewpoint With Eliot Spitzer    News/Business.   
   (2012)  (CC) (Stereo)  

    October 30, 2012
    8:00 - 9:00pm PDT  

she's in the middle of the country. the winds have slowed down but the storm is going throughout the united states of america as we speak. so now back to new jersey. well, chris christie has an interesting idea about halloween. maybe we should cancel it this year or move it. >> i can't imagine that it's going to be safe for kids to go around for halloween in most parts of the state. we're going to make an assessment of that during the day today. if we to have reschedule halloween for another day we want kids to have halloween but we want them to be safe and alive. >> i didn't know you could reschedule halloween. can you reschedule christmas? maybe chris christie could. he was praising president obama as we showed you in the last segment, but not the democratic mayor of atlantic city. they had words about who's fault it was that people were still
stuck in atlantic city. let's watch that. >> in atlantic city, we are for whatever reason mayor langford urged people to stay in shelters in the city, despite my admonition to evacuate, he gave them comfort for some reason to stay. so for those of you on the barrier islands who decided it was a better way to wait this out and for those elected officials who decided to ignore my admonition, this is now your responsibility. >> there's always going to be that certain few that despite your best efforts are going to do as they see fit anyway and then at the last minute, decide that they should have left. in life, it's better to have options and not need them than to need options and not have them. >> >> this is actually live, let's listen in for a few seconds. >> be responsive for their needs
for food, water and cots. four federal disaster medical assistance teams are aiding our state staff shelters. two teams have arrived and two teams are on their way. the county medical reserve corps is action have id and assessing in our medical shelters for the folks who are there. >> that is chris christie looking pretty has gone guard which by the way for a politician at times like this is terrific because people want you to work hard and he is. fair is fair. we are back let's start with the fight between the mayor and governor. is there any way of knowing who is right? it seals in every one of these disasters, local state and federal officials blame each other. >> they do and it hearkens back to the governor of louisiana
during canine and her problems with the mayor. he is being the governor right now. so he's, i don't think it's -- i'm looking through this verial truisticly. >> there's the altruistic view and the politician view. langford the mayor is like oh, yeah why don't he come down here and we'll settle it mano a mano. i love it. [ laughter ] >> rescheduling halloween i've never heard that. >> that's in sane to me. kids can still have halloween at home. just celebrate with your family. >> you've got to trick-or-treat.
that's halloween. >> don't tell the kids right now live on the air. go outside during this. >> i think i have a conservative position on it. just use common sense. we don't need the government to tell us when to go out for halloween or trick-or-treating. if your neighborhood is flooded don't go out. if it's not, go out. >> it's ridiculous for chris christie or anyone to interpret him to say that he's canceling halloween. he can't cancel halloween. >> he just says in new jersey, we had a really bad storm let's all go trick-or-treating in a couple of days. boom he canceled halloween. >> which is by the way common sense and the whole thing doesn't need to be said, but he said i'm going to issue an edict. >> was this another christie gap where he says what's on his mind. >> he was asked about halloween which is a silly thing to be asked when you're talking about
people who don't have houses. >> we didn't see the part where the reporter asked the question. >> if he reschedules it for next tuesday, then we might have an issue. [ laughter ] >> cenk: if i were to give him more credit here. he just said that they are in that press conference we showed you that they are going to rebuild the boardwalk. ok? now, by the way and part of the way they are going to do that is take a lot of federal money right. he's given president obama a lot of credit because he's going to get a lot of money. what happened? i thought he were against federal money. the mayor of newark new jersey rushed into a burning building literally and rescued somebody. when he gets tweets, he comes to the rescue. let me show you a tweet:
>> cenk: then he says: >> somebody had called him. another one: >> cenk: and it goes on and on. anna you've got to give cory booker credit. he seems like the one politician in america who cares about the homeless people. >> he kind of puts himself at risk in the process of doing so. he's got a little bit of a hero complex. it worked out well for him in the beginning and now i'm not saying he's using it to his advantage, but he's getting positive press for it. >> he's a mad tweeter right we know that and he does seem to be sort of heroic. he's like if batman tweeted like right after taking down the joker and three henchman, he does seem to be a do-gooder.
>> cenk: batman, i need your help here. that's the new bat signal. >> you want to go to your game. who's going to challenge chris christie next time, corey. >> you've got these two guys. we'll look forward to that that. thank you all you guys. we really appreciate it. >> this was the best episode of the five, effort. >> ok, all right. all right, guys. when we come back, well, we've got a lot more for you. including the lies of the republicans. that's what i was looking for. by the way i mean, it's a funny thing to say but you're going to love these lies, because we're going to show you exactly how they lied and consistently so when we return. >> that was outrageous when i saw it last night. everybody in our community is
outraged. it's just a blatant attempt to keep people in this community particularly black people and current tv encourages you to vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door
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>> cenk: it looks like it is republicans are doing as much as they can to make sure as little people as possible vote especially if they might be democrats. now, in some instances, it is
media is unfortunately helping them. here is this radio ad rung in pittsburgh. >> when you need to vote. >> the voter i.d. law was just recently signed by the governor. >> you need to know. >> you're not going to be allowed to vote unless you present an acceptable photo identification. get to a licensing center and get a photo i.d. at the driver's license center. >> that is totally not true. so they're putting an ad out there saying you need voter i.d. the court struck that down you. don't need photo i.d. and that might discourage people from voting. i don't know if that was an honest mistake or not on the part of kdk after. they are making these mistakes on purpose. first of all in states like florida, indiana and virginia, all swing states at least indiana was last time, as well. they're saying you can do phone
voting. don't come into the booth to vote, just vote over the phone. what the hell does that mean? what an unbelievable lie. we don't know who is sending those out. that's probably republican operatives was. in florida, we have fake voter purge letters and these letters are written on a whole county supervisor of election letterhead, but they're fake. the supervisor of election didn't write that. they are saying you've been purged don't bother to come in and vote. intimidating billboards going up in african-american and latino communities in cleveland ohio saying if you go to vote, you might get arrested for x., y. and z. reasons. then you've got misleading ads like the one we showed you. this is actually run by a lot of the governments in pennsylvania, they're running radio ads and t.v. ads saying hey, you know
what you might need photo i.d. that's not true. finally, we had one last one employer pressure. that's from the actual c.e.o.'s. remember mitt romney speaking to them saying if there's one thing you can do to help you can tell their employees if they know what's good for them, they better vote on our side. the c.e.o.'s have complied and sent these threatening emails saying you're going to be fired unless you vote for our guy. that's not all. wait until you get ahold of mar copiopia county, where sheriff joe is. they've been accused of doing an enormous amount of antti latino actions. watch this. >> last week, we heard from a concerned voter in democracy 2012 complaining the wrong election date was written in spanish on her voter i.d. cards. they said it was an isolated accident only 50 people were given the wrong information.
>> we found out today book marks were handed out with that same incorrect date, once again written in spanish. >> but it gets better. the english version of the same pamphlet shows the correct date of voting, november 6, the spanish version oopsy happens to say you vote on november 8. what a wild coincidence. in the county considered the most anti-latino county in the country, they just happen to tell spanish speaking people to vote on the wrong date. what a coincidence. wisconsin, they are doing training, eight recently, 17 since september where romney advocates trained people to go to the polls and then give people misleading information. what do they do? here's the different litany of things. felons can't vote. that's not true. in wisconsin once you've served your time, felons can vote. they needed proof of residency.
once again not true. they say if you're handicapped you're going to need to file certain papers if you don't want to come up to the polls. it's all made up. it's not true. you don't have to do that at all. observer assistance. you can get observer assistance but they tell you you cannot. why do they do all that? to gum up the works so it's slow to vote in the areas that are mainly democratic. they say you can't vote, oh, no, you need voter i.d., handicapped people canned vote, et cetera, et cetera. they make it harder to vote in democratic areas. they've got a million dirty tricks. which side believes in democracy and which side is actively working against deposition exhibit. the democrats are not doing any of this stuff. the republicans are emptying their dirty bag of tricks. come on. the rest of the media calls this
even? it ain't even. you've got the bad guys and you've got, i don't call democrats the good guys, but they're not like this and they don't cheat like this. >> when we come back, we've got a lot more for you coming up, including a fascinating conversation about halloween and weather we have too many sexy outfits. it's a fascinating story come right back. >> girls get the message from very early on that what's most important is how they look. boys get the message that thihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi thomas jefferson said that a an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup.
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>> cenk: well, there you're looking at sandy again now in the middle of the country and the winds are less severe than they were before, but they are still significant as you can see there on the map. >> earlier we told you about chris christie considering
canceling halloween. somebody or a lot of folks would like to cancel the sexy outfits on halloween. i'm not among them, but it should make for an interesting conversation. >> i love that you say that. i always say halloween is a man's holiday because it's all about women in scantily clad costumes and this is something that's actually affecting young girls how to. so there's all this emphasis onioning women to be sexy for halloween, bare it all. now you're seeing more and more of these sex costumes marketed to young girls as young as six years old. if you look at the costumes marketed towards these girls between the ages of 9-13, most of these young girls will go for costumes including sexy kittens semi red ridinghood, definitely army girl and sexy rag doll. >> cenk: that's not right. >> at the end of the day it's
about the parents making the decision. it's amazing this is being marketed to kids. it's the emphasis on being sexy. we all seem to focus on a woman's looks as opposed to what she has to contribute to society. a study, 60 girls were talked to between the age of six and nine and asked the girl to choose between two doll costumes. one of the dolls is very, very sexy bearing it all the other still wearing something form fitting, but much more modest. they asked the girl to choose which costume they would refer to wear. 68% of the girls say that the sexy doll is the way that they wanted to look at 72% said that the sexier costume was more popular. now, a recent documentary kind of tackles this whole issue of
sexualizing women and sexualizing young girls. let's look at trailer and we'll discuss it. this is misrepresentation. >> girls get the message from very early on that what's most important is how they look, that their value their worth depends on that and boys get the message this is what's important about girls, we get it from advertisements, video games everywhere we look. no matter what else a woman does no matter her achievements, their value still depends on how they look. >> cenk: joining us is the person who put together that documentary, the writer, director and producer of misrepresentation. are we talking about younger girls with the sexy rag doll that turns my stomach? i can't tanned that they do that with their kids or are we talking about adult women. >> we are talking about both. really the damage and dangers
that we have, we have a mental health problem in our country in that we're selling sex and violence to our kids at younger and younger ages, and both our boys and girls learn when girls are told that they're role is to be sexy, their value in life is to be a princess, boys gasoline on to that, boys learn that and buy into this myth about girl moved or what it is to be a woman. that is limiting for all of us, right, the fact of the matter is it hurts us all. the damage comes from media and corporate america. halloween is a $6.9 billion industry. if we're selling sexy this and that to kids that young what kind of a message is that sending to them about their value in life, that it's about beauty and schoolty and not
brain power and capacity to lead. >> how do you tackle something as huge as this? basically, we're trying to undo centuries of sexualization, you ever to be the full package you can't just be intelligent you have to be attractive with that as well. how do you ching the mindset? >> it's gotten worst. the whole kind of object tying women were sent the message that their value was being the perfect spouse and being the major consumer. it started and gotten worse as media has sort of proliferated our culture and its everywhere.
culture's learned, it can be unlearned. we've created through our social action campaign, we've really tried to remind the viewer, the consumer, the citizen of their power, so you're power as a consumer is you don't have to buy that. you can speak back and talk back to corporate america halloween companies that are selling really unhealthy messages about what it is dew be a girl or boy and so there's a tremendous power of consumers that women are 86% of consumption decision makers in our country and we're not using that power in the right way. the other is hour power as citizens to use our voice and speak out. one of the problems is people say, you just don't have to buy those outfits. unfortunately, they're on the cover of every major magazine
stand when you walk by, wherever you are. in the grocery store and pharmacy our kids are seeing these images 24/7 and they've only gotten worse. >> cenk: jennifer, unfortunately, we're out of time. sorry, i could talk to you guys about this for a half hour, because i actually kind of disagree with you on halloween. halloween, i say we keep it sexy magazines within i agree with you. much love. thank you for coming on. >> take care. >> when we come back, we'll put it on somebody else when we come back.
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